Good Reads from our Leadership LLC Students

Each week our Leadership LLC students write blog posts reflecting on their experiences with us and on campus. This spring we will be selecting a post of the week. The winner will have their post highlighted here and shared with the campus community and receive some other incentives to keep their writing high quality.

If you like what they’ve shared be sure to let them know by commenting on their blog post.

Here are links to the week #1 and week #2 blog post winners.

Krystyna Vinson reflects on her fall semester in her post titled Looking Back, Moving Forward.

Alaina Wenrich discusses her goals for this spring semester in her post titled SMART Goals…take two!

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LLC Student Blogs 2012-13

The following students are part of our Leadership Living Learning Community at UNC Pembroke for 2012-13.  One of the program requirements is for all members to maintain a blog in order to reflect on their leadership development experiences.

We encourage you to visit and comment often to help them improve their personal brands and web presence.

Eric Anderson

Molly Battleson

Talibah Brown

Javier Carranza

Tiquandra Ellison

Jessica Harris

Raymond Hunt

Fatima Lee

Natalie Leitz

Michelle Lopez

Serenity McLean

Zachary Miller

Bradley Moore

Kaleb Morris

Will Mosley

Lucas Nelson

Dina Nobles

Ethan Nunn

Brianna Pemberton

Deanna Penny

Ashley Phillips

Chelsea Prevatte

Hunter Riles

Brianna Robinson

Jonathan Ruddiman

D’Angelio Scott

Nakita Shumpert

Jessica Smith

Chaslyn Stanfield

Rebekah Stanton

Caitlin Steel

Jenna Stewart

Zach Ubaldini

Hailey Usher

Krystyna Vinson

Lauren Weeks

Alaina Wenrich

Elizabeth White

Lucky Yang

Donna Zheng

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Doing your Best Work

There is a story that floats around about President Nixon and Ambassador Winston Lord. It goes like this:

Ambassador Lord was writing a policy speech for President Nixon. After delivering the draft Nixon called Lord into his office the next day and said, “Is this the best you can do?”

Lord replied, “Henry, I thought so, but I’ll try again.”

After a few days the Ambassador delivered another draft and again was called in the next day.

Nixon again asked, “Are you sure this is the best you can do?”

Lord replied, “Well, I really thought so. I’ll try one more time.”

This went on eight times, eight drafts; each time Nixon asked, “Is this the best you can do?”

With the ninth draft, Lord was again called in the next day and asked the same question, “Is this the best you can do?”

Exasperated, Lord replied, “Henry, I’ve beaten my brains out – this is the ninth draft. I know it’s the best I can do: I can’t possibly improve one more word.”

Nixon looked up at the ambassador and said, “In that case, now I’ll read it.”

Save yourself the trouble and do your best work the first time. You might not otherwise get a chance to do it over.

Start now.

Make it a good day.

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Student Organization Transitions

As many college campuses are seeing/have seen the departure of students for the summer, the activity of student organizations also slows or comes to a complete stop. But why? This is a prime opportunity, if not already started, to get a jump on what typically gets put on the back burner during late part of the spring / most of summer: the planning and transition process for the upcoming year. A successful organization is one that is able to review the past year, transition officers easily, create/revisit their vision statement, and effectively plan for the future. Consider the following as tips to move your organization forward and ease the transition process for the 2012-13 school year.

Review and Assess

Organizations cannot move forward productively without looking back on what has been done – both positively and negatively. It is important to review the pros and cons of an activity, program, etc. to determine what worked, what didn’t, what could be done better, and so on. Assessments like this should be done closer to when the activity took place, as it will be still fresh on the minds of organization members.

Officer Transition

We can’t remain student organization presidents, treasurers, historians, secretaries, or any other leadership position forever. This is why it is important to prep the future leaders of your organization for their future roles. Here are a few ways to help make the process easier for the new officers as well as the organization:

  • Update your organization roster and officer information with your student involvement/activities office. This is typically required on most campuses at the end of the spring semester, within 30 days of the beginning of the fall semester, and/or any time there is an officer change. Here at UNCP, student organizations should direct questions about the renewal process to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.
  • Provide any and all necessary documents pertaining to the particular position you (or another student) are leaving. An easy way to do this is to put whatever you can on an organization-owned USB Flash Drive or even use a shared Dropbox account and pass it on to the incoming officer. You could also go the tried-and-true method of creating a physical binder with any and all files pertaining to that office. Either way, just make sure the info is organized and easy to use.
  • Turn over any administrator rights you have over a group Facebook, OrgSync, Twitter, or any other web-based account. It can be difficult to give up control of something like this, but keep in mind – it’s someone elses turn to run the show. Let them!

Setting/Revising a Vision Statement

When an organization is created, re-established, or just needs a jump start, the leadership will (typically) look to establish a vision. A vision statement is the primary inspiration for the mid-range and long-term planning of an organization. An example would be the vision statement of LeaderShape, which drives their curriculum and speaks to what the organization wishes to see, which is:

  • “A just, caring, and thriving world where all lead with integrityTM and a healthy disregard for the impossible.”

Heed these words – there is no need to re-create the wheel here. When creating/revising your vision, remember WHY the organization was created in the first place. Your long-term, mid-range, and short-term goals will (and should) come as a result of this statement.

Effective Planning

As previously stated, organizations cannot move forward productively without looking back on what has been done. However, the organization also needs to look forward and effectively plan out its future. This means setting dates for meetings as well as small and large-scale events well in advance, developing and implementing a marketing plan (if applicable), and staying ahead all university requirements to remain in good standing as an organization.

These are just a few things to think about as your organization works on transitioning to a new officer core or just to next year in general. Does your organization go above and beyond these tips in your transition process? What other ideas would you put out there to help other student organizations, especially the newer ones? Transitioning is not about working harder, but working smarter, and prepping your organization for future success.

Need help transitioning to next year or just want to get a jump start on the fall semester? Stop by and visit with us in the University Center, Suite 225,  for some tips on how make the process a little easier, how to re-visit your organization’s vision, and how to be more effective in your planning process.

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Graduation Advice for the Class of 2012

Congratulations to the Class of 2012! You’ve walked across the stage and are now an official  alumnus* of UNCP. We’ve collected a few things to share with you as you transition from being a student and onto your next step.

*Not sure when to say alumnus, alumni, alumna, and alumnae?  A quick overview.

Learn from the mistakes and experiences of a recent college graduate: What I Wish I Knew When I Graduate College.

“We don’t beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well… The question is, what do we do between the time we’re born and the time he shows up?” – Professor Randy Pausch

If you’re balancing student loans, a new salary, and maybe even living on your own for the first time, check out these 5 money lessons for new college graduates.

Inspirational Wallpaper: 

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. -- Theodore Roosevelt

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. — Theodore Roosevelt

To download the full resolution wallpaper (1920×1080) right click this link and choose Save As.

What are your post-graduation plans? Let us know if we can help! 

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NACA National Convention Reflection: Brittany Dawson

I am Brittany Dawson, and I am a senior at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. I was chosen as a delegate to attend the NACA National Conference in Charlotte North Carolina. I am apart of ACE which is the Association of Campus Entertainment. We basically plan events and bring artists to campus to entertain our students on campus.

My general understanding of NACA is that it is conference that helps to promote leadership skills for students all over the United States. Educational sessions offered a great time for students to listen and take pointers and new ideas back to their schools to help them improve on their campus organization and also pointers for their own personal benefit. NACA is also a time for students to bond with other students from different schools. The bonding may create new friendships and students also learn things from bonding that they can use. There are different showcases of singers, comedians, and other entertainers that showcased their talents. These entertainers were showcased in hopes of being books by schools.

I learned more about how to effectively engage the campus, and how to hold leadership roles at NACA from Educational Sessions and also from working with students in my group. In one of my educational sessions the school presenting spoke of how their organization was family oriented. They each would take the initiative to make sure no one got behind in their participation to meetings, and events. They all wanted to see each other succeed so they encouraged each other to do better. That is something I would love to see happen in my own organization.

Another thing is in my Educational Session they talked about their point/strike system. This is a system to keep their members participating and also to keep up with attendance. This system also keeps out students who only want to join just to have the organization n their resume. In the point/strike system they give out strikes for students that miss events, or miss meetings, or any behavior that is not acceptable. Once the member gets up to three strikes they must go in front of the board and present their strikes to them and why they got the strikes. After they go in front of the board it is up to the board to decide if they should stay or not. The presenter mentioned that majority of the time the board lets the member stay in but it is a way to keep the members accountable of their actions.

As for the points, they give out points for students attending meetings, events, ideas, and more. They have different prizes and novelties they give out for reaching a certain level of points. One example is after reaching fifty points you would get a bumper sticker for your car. Their members take pride in getting these things also. We are now working to implement a system of such in ACE. There is new membership information that is being typed up and presented so that there is a better process of intake for our members. These things I learned in my educational session were things that could also be used as leadership roles.

Overall I had a great time at NACA 2012. It was a great leadership experience for me. Also the group I went with was great to work with. We all knew our purpose for being there and made sure we got everything done while we were there. I would recommend anyone I know to go to the upcoming NACA Conventions.

Get involved on campus, follow ACE on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook

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NACA National Convention Reflection: Mia Goodman

Mia Goodman is a nursing major and the treasurer for the Association of Campus Entertainment.  

NACA is a conference held twice a year (NACA South; NACA Nationals) where schools come and their students view showcases, educational sessions, and CAMP. The overall point of NACA for our campus is to go and attend educational sessions that will benefit our organization as well as to form blocks with other schools in order to bring back decently priced acts. NACA Nationals 2012 was such a great conference packed with awesome showcases, informative education sessions, and a fun-filled CAMP.  Although I learned several things at NACA the most effective trait I learned was to communicate effectively and clarify values.

Being a current member of the executive board in ACE I have learned it is important to communicate effectively. Educational Sessions taught me that in order to communicate effectively it is important to always stay on top of things that are going on in the organization. When you lose control of what is happening in the organization you have no way to communicate effectively. Educational sessions also taught me that planning ahead goes hand in hand with communicating effectively. Those two things go together because when you plan ahead if any bumps in the road do occur everyone will be contacted and communication is needed for that.

Clarifying values also stuck out to me during educational sessions. Seems so many people join organizations for the wrong reasons or join under false pretenses. It is important that when people are joining your organization that they understand what they are signing up for as well as the values that they are expected to uphold as members.

I feel like this fits in with our goal to be more professional. When our members are not clear on the values of ACE and what expectations we are holding them to how can we expect them to be professional? ACE as an organization needs to clarify the values and make sure each and every member is aware of the values that ACE has.

The ways that I plan to apply what I learned from NACA to ACE is making sure that communicating effectively is happening. I have several sheets from NACA on ways to communicate effectively and using those should help our organization. Also I have a values sheet which I think would be a beneficial activity for members to complete. I also think that as an entering member it needs to be a requirement that every student review the Constitution and Bylaws of ACE to ensure that they understand what is expected and maybe even a dedicated section during a meeting to review them.

Get involved on campus, follow ACE on Twitter and LIKE them on Facebook

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